Palmaleman – learn Spanish in Palma de Mallorca

Palmaleman – the best voted language school in Palma de Mallorca is located on Calle San Miguel 46, near Plaza d’España and the Palma intermodal station. It is very well connected by train, subway and bus. For those who prefer to come by car there is a parking under Plaza d’España.

The classrooms are well equipped with televisions, projectors, magnetic boards, internet and multimedia. Palmaleman has all the necessary educational tools in modern classrooms. The Mozart, Sissi and Niki Lauda classrooms offer an environment conducive to language learning. The excellent classroom equipment allows Palmaleman teachers to apply a variety of methods, following different pedagogical approaches helped with technology. This guarantees that a teaching adapted to the needs of the student can be offered.

A corner of books and a cozy sofa invite you to read books and magazines in German.

To facilitate access to the academy to all interested people, the academy has a bathroom for the disabled.