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Would you like to learn Spanish in Mallorca? Then you should learn Spanish at Palmaleman, the renowned language school in the centre of Palma de Mallorca, the Mediterranean city known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters and stunning architecture.


With Palmaleman you can learn Spanish in an efficient and fun way. At our language school in Palma de Mallorca you can take part in Spanish group lessons, private Spanish courses or Spanish lessons to prepare for the DELE exam. All courses are taught by native Spanish teachers.

We offer Spanish courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced. The Spanish lessons are led by a team of experienced and highly motivated and fully qualified Spanish teachers. The Spanish teachers are up to date in terms of didactics and methodology and follow a communicative teaching approach in which the learners are at the centre of the lessons. As the Palmaleman language school emphasises personal attention, the groups are small and manageable. This increases the learning effect and enables learners to achieve their goals more quickly. The team of teachers at Palmaleman attaches great importance to catering to the individual needs of the students. We pride ourselves on providing our students with high quality tuition at a fair price. The Spanisch courses are provided by our team of experienced and passionate language teachers. Therefore it’s a good investment to learn Spanish in Palma with Palmaleman!


With Palmaleman you will learn Spanish in an efficient and fun way, almost without realising that you’re learning. The Spanish lessons are dynamic, lively and focused on making the students speak and getting fluency and confidence. That way the Spanish classes will boost the student’s faith in themselves as well as enrich their vocabulary and general ability to communicate in Spanish. Moreover, simulations of real-life situations will make each class a unique experience. In the Spanish courses of Palmaleman you will improve your grammar, reading and comprehension, writing and pronunciation skills. Our Spanish lessons are tailored to the needs of each student and take place in a friendly and relaxed environment. We pride ourselves on providing our students with high quality tuition at a fair price.


At Palmaleman you will not only learn the Spanish language, you will also immerse yourself deeply in Spanish culture with our Spanish teachers. A nearby market can be visited under the expert guidance of the Spanish teachers. At Palmaleman, Spanish regional studies go hand in hand with teaching the Spanish language, thus rounding off the learning experience. Immerse yourself in the Spanish culture with the Spanish teachers of Palmaleman.


The Palmaleman language school, located in the centre of Palma not far from Plaza de España, is modern and well-equipped. The premises have been recently renovated and are equipped with multimedia technology. In accordance with legal requirements, a second toilet for the disabled has been installed. There is also a book corner and a games collection.

Trust experts when choosing your language school. Your progress in learning Spanish will be noticeably fast. Enjoy your classes with our competent Spanish teachers and rapidly build your confidence in speaking Spanish! Enrol today and start your journey into the Spanish language!

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What students say about our language school

I have attended many academies over the years of both Spanish and German and I must say that this has been the best by far.
The professionalism and the treatment received were exquisite. Totally recommended.
Laura / Leeds

The classes are really dynamic and Georg’s good accompaniment makes learning Spanish easier. 100% to recommend if you want to learn the most important foreign language of the island.

Silvia / Palma
In Palmaleman you will find what you are looking for, you will learn German at a good pace.
I have been in this academy for almost 2 months, and I am very happy. All very professional. The teacher, Georg, is a serious person but who knows how to laugh when it’s time. Teach well, adapt to the rhythm of the students. The classes are small, you can’t hide, you participate the same as all your classmates.
Would you recommend joining this academy? Yes! I started level A1 without knowing anything, and little by little I am mastering the language more. It is a very very good option if you want to learn this language.
George / Palma

I completed my A1 Spanish course here. It’s a friendly language centre, and our teacher Aina was superb. She was patient, and explained each concept clearly. It’s also the best value course in Palma. Highly recommended.

Dalton / London/Palma
After searching a lot online, I finally found this academy, ideal for learning Spanish, a disciplined teacher with a good pace of study. Totally recommended.
Anne / Manacor

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